Hiii, I'm Julia Grigoryan. I'm Armenian. I am Christian. I have a little sister.

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I met a guy today for a job possibilty and he was so cute(Gorgeous Green Eyes) and afterwards I texted him, asking him to meet for drinks and still no answer. That’s I what I get for putting mysef out there:)

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Don’t waste or take your life, you were born on purpose and you will find it:)

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I’ve just transferred into San Diego State University and the people there suck: it’s like high school, people are not paying attention and using their laptops to go on Facebook and Twitter in class, girls talk about their stupid boyfriends 24/7 and girl gossip (today I saw bunch of chicks looking at me and I don’t know what their problem was). I though universities were for intelligent people, where exactly are they?!

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Its scary how fast time and lifes moves:)

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I think if you belive in Good and God, you must also believe in Evil and the Devil and sometimes it feels as though the Evil side is winning is this consant battle beween Good and Evil, that is called Life:)

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As much as I don’t like school, learning and knowing important information will help in my future! I think that its worth waking up at 6 AM for.

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So, I’m doing my Informative speech on bullying for my speech class, I was bullied and I can relate. I’m supposed to have a profound statement at the end, so if you guys can send me something, I would appreciate!!!!

My 3 points are: Bullying (due to sexual orientation, teen-suicide), cyber bullying, and laws to prevent bullying.

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 R.I. P. Jamey Rodemeyer

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